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Quantum Disinfection

Pulsar™ disinfection media represents a breakthrough in fluid disinfection technology. After 4 years of development and 2 years of field testing, Pulsar™ Quantum Disinfection media is poised to become the new standard in tertiary wastewater disinfection, drinking water disinfection, cooling tower disinfection, stormwater disinfection, and many other types of fluid disinfection applications.

Utilizing elemental P-type semiconductor technology and solid-state theory, Claire Technologies created Pulsar™ Quantum Disinfection media. This patented media contains a powerful electron flowing surface, eliminating the need for outside power or chemical sources for disinfection.

Chemical-free, power-free, maintenance-free and extremely cost effective, Pulsar™ works as a final disinfection solution for all fluid applications on any scale.


During our production phase, Pulsar™ Quantum Disinfection media is structured as a P-type semiconductor through a spatial deposition of different chemical layers on the silica surface. This micron-accurate arrangement of surface deposits gives Pulsar™ an absence of valence electrons on its outermost layer.

As microorganisms (bacteria and viruses) come into contact with Pulsar™, the electrons inside the pathogens are instantly attracted by the positively charged Pulsar™ surface. This causes the entire structure of the microorganisms to collapse on a molecular scale, with the electrons transferring immediately to the Pulsar™ surface. TPC measurements confirm the pathogen’s DNA is also instantly destroyed in the dense electron exchange. In a mere 0.01 seconds, cell lysis occurs and the pathogen ceases to exist completely.

Validated by numerous 3rd-party testing agencies, including the EPA and Department of Homeland Security, Pulsar™ Quantum Disinfection media will revolutionize water disinfection across multiple industries.

Quantum disinfection is the future, and the future is here.


Pulsar Kills. Bacteria-free, Safe, Disinfected water.

According to the BS EN 1276 Antiseptic and  Disinfectant Standards, “A product that has the ability to  reduce by 10E+5 (5 log) the number of viable bacterial cells belonging to referenced strains of P. aeruginosa, E. coli, S. aureus and E. hirae is considered a disinfectant”. The EPA and other certified laboratories have tested Pulsar™ under these disinfection conditions. The results can be seen in the table below.

bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa log 6
bacteria Escherichia coli log 6
bacteria Staphylococcus aureus log 6
bacteria Eterococcus hirae log 6
bacteria Legionella adelaidensis log 6
yeast Candida albicans log 6
algae Anabaena constricta log 5
Technical Characteristics
Pulsar™ X3 Disinfection Media For potable water applications
Granulometry, U.S. Mesh 7 x 14 (1mm – 3mm)
Bulk density, lb/f³ 50.44
Crush strength lb/f 15
Bulk density, kg/m³ 808
Crush strength kg/f 7
Pulsar™ X5 Disinfection Media For industrial water applications
Granulometry, U.S. Mesh 5 x 8 (2.36mm – 4mm)
Bulk density, lb/f³ 26.97
Crush strength lb/f 185
Bulk density, kg/m³ 432
Crush strength kg/f 88
Expected life (assuming primary filtration of 5 microns) 9,000 hours
Flow Rate Characteristics
Pulsar™ X3 Disinfection Media Suggested media amount
1 – 5 GPM 600ml (cm³) and a min. bed depth of 4"
5 – 10 GPM 1000ml (cm³) and a min. bed depth of 7"
10 – 20 GPM 2000ml (cm³) and a min. bed depth of 16"
Pulsar™ X5 Disinfection Media Suggested media amount
1 – 5 GPM 1000ml (cm³) and a min. bed depth of 10"
5 – 10 GPM 2000ml (cm³) and a min. bed depth of 20"
10 – 20 GPM 4000ml (cm³) and a min. bed depth of 38"
Expected life (assuming primary filtration of 5 microns) 9,000 hours





No power needed. Pulsar™ is not an electrical device. It requires no power to work. The germicidal effect is applied during the manufacturing process. The fluid stream, whether treated wastewater or potable water, has to directly contact the Pulsar™ media surface for instant disinfection. Contact with the Pulsar™ media can be obtained by gravity systems, mixing in batches, or in a pressurized flow.

No chemicals used. Pulsar™ adds nothing to the water. It does not contain or produce disinfection byproducts, so there is no negative environmental impact on the receiving waters when used in wastewater treatment and no trihalomethanes formed in potable water. Pulsar™ removes pathogens through its surface only, and by adding nothing to the water, it is the safest disinfection treatment available.

High flow rates and minimal contact time. Pulsar™ disinfects instantly. It is also scalable, from small potable systems to large industrial flows. Using a simple formula yields the necessary bed depth and amount of media needed based on gallons-per-minute. Contact time is a mere 0.01 seconds, making Pulsar™ the fastest treatment option available for fluid disinfection across industries.

Cost effective. Compared with UV, operators using Pulsar™ save an average of 31% annually.

Low maintenance. Pulsar™ is simple and operator-friendly due to its low maintenance requirements. Because Pulsar™ is a media-bed disinfection application, there are no bulbs to clean, no lamps to repair, and no chemicals to transport and store. Simply change out the media annually. For larger industrial applications, weekly or monthly backwashing may be necessary.

Installation ease. Pulsar™ can take on any shape and path your water requires. Inline, column, vortex and weir-based installations are easily utilized. Pulsar™ bed depth and amounts are minimal, allowing space to be utilized more efficiently. No need to change out expensive equipment. Pulsar™ can be tailored to fit your needs, whether in a sub-saharan aquifer or pharmaceutical clean room.

Industry leading performance. Pulsar™ has achieved a range of 6 log to 10 log microorganism reduction in laboratory and pilot installations. These performances ensure that ever stringent water regulations, such as California Title 22, can be met with confidence.

Proven results. Validated by numerous 3rd-party agencies, including the EPA and Department of Homeland Security and NSF, Pulsar™ Quantum Disinfection media has been rigorously tested in laboratory and field settings. Test reports available upon request.

NSF 42. Pulsar™ Media is Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only.


Drinking Water Disinfection

Whether disinfection or fluoride removal is necessary, Pulsar™ excels at providing ultimate protection for drinking water. Designs tested include bottles, pitchers, gravity and inline systems. Only small amounts of Pulsar™ are necessary for complete disinfection and peace of mind. Design assistance possible with qualified partners. NSF 42 certification August 2016

POE Water Disinfection

Pulsar™ can easily be placed within refillable cartridges for inline filters, POE housings and strainers to provide an easy-to-use disinfection solution. No need for custom molding, as Pulsar™ easily fits within current designs. Testing data available upon request. NSF 42 certification August 2016.

Rain Water Disinfection

Rainwater disinfection is simple with Pulsar™. Chemical-free and power-free, Pulsar™ can be used at the point-of-use or inside the tank in a circulation system. Pilot studies available upon request.

Industrial Water Disinfection

Pulsar™ applies within multiple industries, from agricultural to food processing, to poultry, to chiller loops. For industries wanting to lower biocides, eliminate chemicals or UV, Pulsar™ offers a safer, cheaper alternative. Pilot studies available upon request.

WasteWater Disinfection

Pulsar™ can be designed and implemented into current wastewater operations, whether in a modified industrial housing or a newly fabricated unit. Pilot studies available upon request.

Cooling Tower Disinfection

Pulsar™ can be used in cooling tower loops, in conjunction with appropriate housings to provide complete cooling tower disinfection. Pilot studies available upon request.

Ballast Water Disinfection

Paired with a robust primary filtration system, Pulsar™ can be designed and implemented into current ballast water solutions. Lab studies pilot available upon request.


The World's ONLY Disinfection Media! 99.99% to 99.999% Kill!

Pulsar™ X3-1

Inline GAC Cartridge with Pulsar™ Media provides 4 to 5 log reduction of bacteria in water supplies.  System 1 is designed for reverse osmosis post-filters or other drinking water applications.

Inlet / Outlet 1/4" FPT
Maximum Flow <1.5 GPM
Configuration GAC & Pulsar™
Size 2" x 10" Inline

Pulsar™ X3-10

NSF Certified Filter Housing with Pulsar™ Media provides 4 to 5 log reduction of bacteria in water supplies.  System 10 has no pre-filtration. Pre-filtration is always recommended for best operation.

Inlet / Outlet 3/4" FPT
Maximum Flow <10 GPM
Configuration Single – Pulsar™
Size 2.5" x 10" Single


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