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Dealers:  This is how you can add extra revenue on every service call and protect your customer’s health in the process.  Heterotrophic bacteria in RO storage tanks is a real issue to which many dealers turn a blind eye.  It’s a proven fact that the elderly, infants, immune compromised and people with autism are greatly impacted detrimentally to HPC in RO tanks.  Now, you can solve a customer’s problem and increase profitability.  What’s not to like about that?

Quantum Disinfection: an Introduction

Many of us who have been in the water treatment industry for over 30 years have seen new technology come and go. For the most part, ‘new technology’ is just a repackaging of existing technology with a new twist. Rarely does a scientific discovery offer to fundamentally change our industry. Quantum disinfection may be exactly that; its inventors believe it will fundamentally change the way we sanitize…READ MORE

Quantum Disinfection: Part 2

Cristian Chis, inventor of quantum disinfection, had often dreamed about collaboration with the US EPA. He had no idea, however, of where to begin. That prospect represented a uniquely American opportunity, the chance to study this technology in a setting devoted to science and forward-thinking ideas. In addition, the US represented, to Chis, a dream to which many people across the globe…READ MORE